Greenfinity Farms


Setting Our Sails

All we want is a portable, automated micro-farm that produces 100% organic, pesticide-free vegetables and fish year-round, anywhere in the that so much to ask? We don't think so, and we fully intend on taking the lessons we learned from the prototype and professional consulting to bring this vision to life!As if this venture isn't already ambitious enough, we're also working to convert the interior of the shipping container into a kid-friendly science laboratory and attaching enough solar panels to make this a ZERO-energy facility!

  • Because this is a closed-loop, recirculating system, it saves anywhere from 90-99% of the water that conventional farming wastes

  • 100% Organic, non-GMO, heirloom seeds for healthy plants, from the ground up

  • Zero pesticides - we use symbiotic insects, earthworms, nematodes, fungus, and flowering "distraction" plants to mitigate any pest problems

  • Does not contribute to the soil erosion epidemic, does not require fertile land, and does not leech any contaminants into the environment
  • Covering the square footage of the shipping container's roof with solar panels is enough to offset the electricity usage of the entire system. Zero-energy!

  • Geothermal HVAC units and superinsulating the greenhouse and water pipes reduce the energy spent on the most taxing energy issue: fighting the elements

  • Self-regulation is taking automation to the next step. Not only will our sensors detect any imbalances in the system and notify us on our mobile devices, but mechanisms will take action to correct the imbalances automatically
  • No methane-emitting livestock, no overgrazing, no petroleum-dependent, dangerous heavy machinery

  • Best energy input:output ratio for meat production to date. Aquaponic Tilapia = 1.8:1 while beef = 54:1 and chicken = 4:1. Not to mention, our vertical growing techniques produce far more food per square foot than traditional field farming

View the full video and learn more on our campaign page!